Professional Website Design

We'd like to help you build a website that does more than look good. Talk to us and let's create a professional website that effectively sells your business and serves your customers.

With a website designed by Sole Control Solutions you get a commitment to the value the Internet can bring to your organisation. We see a website as a central part of a modern business and encourage all our clients to focus on the purpose of their website and the business advantage it can bring. There is no point putting up a website just because it looks good or just because you think you should. Talk to us and let's create a professional website that effectively sells your products or services and serves your customers.

Benefits of a professional website design:

  • Genuinely reflect the image and aspirations of your organisation.
  • Inclusive design process.
  • Powerful, effective, Content Management System offering complete control over content using everyday computer skills.
  • Web Standards Compliance, ensuring that your site presents well in current and future browsers.
  • Search engine readiness for better Google rankings.
  • Clear, precise, easy to use, navigation.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Focus on the purpose of your site.

Sole Control Solutions looks at website design from the perspective of the total benefit of an active website to a business or organisation.

Your website can and should be your place of first impression like your shop front, reception, headed paper or brochure. For some organisations, it is the only place where they meet their clients. It must look good, be neat, friendly and easy to use.  It should reflect the image and values of your organisation and speak directly to the visitor base you wish to develop.

We help you clarify these priorities before beginning work on a design and continue to refer to them throughout the process. The result will be a website that inspires trust in your organisation. 

Our philosophy is all about clean, professional, website design. We strive for an uncluttered feel that will welcome your visitors and allow them easy access to your content. We draw on over 10 years experience in the commercial web environment to help clients build websites that can both reflect positively in an image sense and create meaningful visitor engagement on a practical level.

If you would like to find out more about how we put these design principles into practice and how we might be able to help your company get more from the Internet, please contact us here or call us on 01-443-4107.

Recent Website Designs

A website is not much use to you if it's going to be static. All our websites are designed so that you can edit them yourself without the need for specific technical knowledge. Our sites come with hosting and maintenance, the installation of content management systems, blogs, newsletters, forums etc. as required and with our support.

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