Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your site could be new or mature, a brochure site like this one or a multi-million online operation.  In over ten years working on the web, we have been where you are.  Our Search Engine Optimisation and Internet marketing experience can help your business get more from your site.

Once your website is up and running, you're going to be wanting some visitors. If you are already up and running, you probably want more.  We have unparallelled experience in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and wide ranging Internet marketing experience that can help you build your site's traffic. 

We offer long-term, intensive Search Engine Optimisation and broader Internet marketing support and consulting.  These services are both time intensive and dependant on high levels of professional expertise.  As such, they are not cheap.  We are happy to discuss custom SEO campaigns with any customers who feel that they need this level of support.

In practice, full scale Search Engine Optimisation is outside the budget of most small and even medium scale websites.  On the other hand, low budget Search Engine Optimisation services are often extremely poor.  As a result, we have developed introductory packages with the aim of bringing the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation to the small business market, at an affordable price. These packages are designed to start website owners on the road to developing search engine traffic.  They can then be built on with continued work either by the site owners or by some ongoing contract with Sole Control Solutions.

As well as custom contracting in SEO and wider Internet Marketing, we offer the following packages designed to take small business websites through the fundamental steps required for better search engine rankings:

You can read more about the packages we offer below or contact us to discuss your needs.

SEO Site Assessments

Many websites suffer in the search engines because of basic setup flaws in their server or because of the use of technologies that obstruct the search engine's ability to read your pages and determine their relevance.  Most of the sites that we see on a daily and weekly basis exhibit one form or other of barrier technology.  Site assessments consider common barriers that negatively affect your potential to gain search engine traffic.  We will report on these issues and detail the changes that need to be made to allow your site gain the rankings it deserves.

In addition, we assess how your site and page content reflect the target terms you have provided us.  We consider key on-page factors that will determine your site's ability to rank and provide advice on what factors need to be improved for your pages to rank better.

Search engine site assessments will include a written report on your site status detailing suggested changes and will also include telephone consultation to review the suggested changes and ensure that you properly understand where your Search Engine Optimisation stands and what is needed to move it along.

Search Engine Optimisation Phase 1

Our SEO Phase 1 package begins the hands on process of search engine optimisation. The package includes:

  • Keyword research reporting and telephone consultation to ensure that your website is looking for visitors with the right search terms.
  • Keyword to page mapping.
  • On-page optimisation of your pages to improve their relevance to the target terms.
  • Initial advice on Directory submissions, content planning and link building targets

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

This is far from the end of the line as far as SEO for your site goes.  The search engines are an important target audience for your site and a website with any real ambitions will need search engine optimisation to be part of everything they do going forward.  Our initial packages are designed to take you through the initial, key, steps with top level professional support and to get the fundamentals right.  Sometimes they will be enough to improve your rankings to meet your goals straight away and other times they will simply be the first step in an ongoing process.  We have designed our package so that at the end of the initial phases the client can have a clear idea of where their search engine optimisation stands and what will be required to take the next steps.

In some cases, that next step is handled internally and in others Sole Control Solutions will provide ongoing support services or full-scale SEO consulting.

Every website needs a Search Engine Optimisation strategy and a wider Internet marketing strategy.  If you would like to discuss how we can help your site attract more visitors and more sales, contact us here for more information.

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