Web Site Hosting for Small Business

Be free to concentrate on running your business knowing that all technical aspects of your website are being looked after by us.  Your software is maintained and updated and you have our professional support in the use of your content management system.

Finding a hosting solution for your small business web site can be a difficult decision.  Hosting packages are on offer from $5/month to $50/month or more and it's not always clear what the difference is.

At Sole Control Solutions, we offer small business web site hosting but it's a service with a context.  We are not a hosting company.  We don't maintain the machines or the telecom lines ourselves.  There are people who are much better at that stuff than we will ever be, so we pay them. 

Sole Control Solutions is here to act as a buffer between the the highly technical end of running your web servers and the business end of running your site the way you want.  We give small businesses a site management solution that includes reliable web site hosting but also the maintenance of their technical environment and the systems needed to allow our clients to control their own web presence.

Our hosting and maintenance fee, at €400 a year (+VAT), is not the cheapest hosting you'll find but we think it is the most suitable for many small businesses and organisations. 

With our small business web site hosting you don't need to deal with your server setup or the amazing mystery world of what a hosting company will or won't support and what they expect you to learn to do yourself.  We take care of that.

You don't have to deal with setting up or upgrading your content management system.  Content management and other web tools needed to make your site work are part of our package, we install them, we customise them, we put your content into them and we upgrade them so you are current.  We even provide help with their use.

Sole Control Solutions is here to maintain a hosting environment that is so feature rich that you can run your website as an effective communication medium without any more than basic computer skills. 

We understand the cost pressures facing small businesses, in fact we are a small business ourselves.  Small business hosting needs to be affordable but it also needs to be reliable and it needs to come with enough support that you can get the most from your site without having to hire a web specialist.

Hosting is just one part of the Sole Control Solutions service, if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you and your site please contact us.

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