Content Management

Too many companies have paid good money to have websites designed only to find that their content quickly goes out of date. We take existing sites, or design and build new ones, and put them under your control.  You can add pages, edit the content, change images, create forms, send newsletters, run forums, start a corporate blog...

The core of our approach lies in feature rich hosting. We bring together tools from all over the Internet to allow you to edit and update your website without needing technical skills. Our aim is to put your message back in your hands, so that your staff can edit your site or add to it easily.

We take care of web design, hosting, support and can even provide marketing consulting but because of the systems we use, you won't need us for every little change. You will gain control over communicating with your customers and if you need help, we'll be here.  In addition to creating new sites from scratch, much of our work involves fixing existing sites and installing various back-end systems to put you in charge of your own site and content.

The Benefits of Content Management

Content Management is a key element in allowing you control over your web presence without a dependence on costly or unreliable outside expertise. With our content management systems in place you will be able to control the content of your site with simple web-based systems requiring no more skill than a Word Processor. Want to see what we mean?

You can edit or update your website content, add pages, images etc. You will be able to use your site to present videos or to send newsletters, to run forums, add forms. You don't just get a site that will be there, we can help you with a website that you can develop.

Content management is about much more than making occasional changes to semi-static content and fixing spelling mistakes (although that would be a good start for many small business websites).  Sole Control Solutions sees content management as a powerful tool in putting you in charge of your site, its development and its potential to communicate on an ongoing basis with your customers and sales prospects.

You can read a little more about content management and its importance in this recent post from our blog.

Forums, Blogs and Other Community Building Tools

Forums and other community building tools can help you develop and serve a loyal base of users that can spell success for your site and organisation. The web today is a powerful social medium and our tools can help you to create the venue of choice in your field.

Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Newsletters and Mailing Lists allow you to keep your community or customers regularly updated.


The web is all about interaction and interaction at its simplest starts with the humble web form. Whether it be a simple contact form like ours or the front-end to a complex database application, it all starts with forms. Without them you might as well have printed a brochure.


One of the problems of running a website as a non "techie" is that you are either dependent on expensive and often unreliable professionals or you are on your own. You could probably figure out how to do a lot of the tasks required yourself but you have a business to run. Besides the time that it would take, what happens when something goes wrong?

Sole Control Solutions supports you in a number of ways. We take all the heavy lifting out of the situation by installing, modifying and configuring systems to automate the back end of your website. We are creating help documentation, written in plain English to take you through each task you will need to perform.

We have gone out of our way to find systems that are easy to use and to make them even easier. We take care of upgrading, patching and other necessary system administration. The real difference, though, is this: If you are stuck, we are here to help.

We are not primarily a web design or web development business. We exist to put you in control of your own site. This is an important distinction. A web developer will earn $x per hour for his graphic design and web design skills. He will design your site and move on to the next project. There is good reason why it is impractical to use web designers for small changes. Enabling you to take everyday control of your site is the reason we are here.

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about any of our services and how they can help you and your business, contact us here. We will be pleased to see if there is any way we can help.

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