Aristotle’s Website part II

‘Take an axe to your website’

The most common example used to demonstrate Aristotle’s approach to design is an axe.  Given that a website plays such a crucial role in business these days, the example is the better of the two.  (see part I)  The worst a badly designed teapot can do is burn your fingers or drip on your tablecloth.  A badly designed axe can wound or even kill ( or, in the case of a warrior’s axe, kill the wrong person!)  Chopping wood is hard work; you want an axe that feels right, that seems to know what to do.

When I am browsing the Internet, particularly when I am not ‘working’, I find the best sites are the ones where I am never conscious of thinking: Where is?….How do I?….What do they mean?….How do I get to?   Of course I was thinking those things but the great sites guide you to the answers before the thought becomes conscious.

If your customers are saying things like:  ‘I couldn’t find’  etc.  Listen to them.  Maybe it’s time to take an axe to your website and make some improvements.


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