Planning Your Website Design: Content

OK.  So you have already considered the goals for your website and its target audience.  Now it’s time to consider what content your audience(s) will respond to in order to further those goals.  If you already have a site design, this can still be a very beneficial process.

Content is the single most important aspect of your site.  Content is what will engage your audience.  Content is what will build trust.  Content is a vital part of getting that search engine traffic you want.

With the goals and target audiences of your website defined, now is the time to consider what content can serve the needs of your audience.  Your goals and the target audience will affect the language you use, the way you present the content visually, the architecture of the site (where the content goes).

If you put up or developed the content before you seriously considered the goals of your site and who your target audiences are, then go back.  Look at it afresh and see whether that content will further your goals, will serve your audience. 

You want to make more sales / contacts / fans / members, right? 

You want more happy customers?

Content is what calls people to action and furthers your goals.  Content is what sells.  Content is what fills informational needs for customers looking for support.  It is content that delivers for you and your site’s visitors.

Don’t just put up sections of your website because it’s the done thing…

… And don’t leave them there, just because they are there.

Develop content and put it online because it is of interest to your target audience.  Write it in a style they can understand and identify with.  Deliver it visually in a way that fits.  Use the language they use.

What are your visitors looking for when they come to your site? 

How will they find it? 

How will you use your website to interact?


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  1. goals says:

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks!