So What’s With the Nanas?

It occurs to me that it might not be immediately obvious why I feel the need to post about Shreddies ad campaigns or wasting an afternoon throwing teabags via some flash game on a website.  When I posted about Knitted By Nanas that’s a topic and a kind of website that is fairly far removed from the small business websites of our customer base and the subject of this blog.

What I thought I’d better explain is, that’s exactly why I posted about it.  I intend to cover interesting and unusual sites from time to time because there are lessons to be learnt from them.  Your average small business website is not likely to be a hot bed of innovation and we can learn by looking at sites that are doing a little bit more and a little bit different.  In some cases it will be nothing but a chance to take a look at something interesting but in other cases there may be lessons that can be applied to our own sites, although they’ll probably need to be toned down.  Taking a look at what is going on on the web is interesting and for me personally, it’s part of the process of staying educated about what is possible and what is working on the web.

I don’t intend necessarily to point out every little thing in every little post in this section, just mention a few sites that are interesting for one reason or another.  In this case, here are some of the things you might look at from the knitted by nanas post that could be applied in various ways to a more common or garden small business website:

  • The use of video to draw you in and give you something different.
  • The use of humour to hook you while they get their message across.
  • The integration of online and offline marketing to build a campaign.
  • The use of the flash games as a means of ‘viral’ marketing.

You might also notice while you are there that the content being so video and flash based has no text and therefore is not readable by search engines.  When I finish my game and hit “play another game”  it doesn’t take me anywhere but a page not found error.  Oh, and I don’t notice any link to the Nestle website which I think is a little strange but I suppose they are trying to sell Shredies not get visitors for their website.

So.  That’s what had me interested in an ad campaign with a bunch of Grandma’s.  That and the fact that it’s a project that deserves my support.  Half the wrinkly acting community in England must be engaged to make those ads and it’s nice to see them in gainful employment.  I think we can all agree that the last thing we need is a bunch of old folk hanging around outside shops, drinking cider from brown paper bags and generally making us all feel somewhat intimidated.


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  2. Alastair says:

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