Marketing in a Downturn

Earlier today I was posting on what a small business website can do or be in a recession.  I thought I’d add this quick post just to point to a couple of different articles I’ve found interesting on subjects relating to marketing in this climate.

The MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog talks about identifying the Pretty Girl at the Ball and earlier in the month, Frank Fullard spoke about Keeping your pants on in the recession and holding your pricing.

I don’t know whether either of these folks would have any sympathy at all for what I have to say but I find their advice very useful on these points and I hope you get something from them.  When we go to the ball, things may not always be as we’d like them but we’re going to have to dance with someone.  I just love the MarketingProfs analogy because there is always going to be a pretty girl at the ball.  Even if they aren’t as pretty as last year.


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