Knitted by Nanas

I hate ads.  Particularly on TV.  I don’t tend to watch them and my girlfriend will happily confirm that I’m very irritating and will flick constantly through every channel on the TV as soon as the ad break comes and then turn back too late and miss part of her favourite show.  All to avoid the boredom of having someone push commercial messages at me that I have no interest in.

So how do you get someone like me to willingly expose myself to your marketing message and subtly insinuate your product on my brain? that’s how.  Knitted by Nanas is a passably amusing ad campaign being run by Nestle UK for the breakfast cereal, Shreddies.  I’ve seen the ad on TV a few times and it’s not like I find it side splittingly funny or anything but it’s something different.  This afternoon I’m bored so I checked out the site they list at the end of the ad.

I watched 4 videos, a couple of which were fairly funny and spent half an hour playing flash games trying to get a Nana (granny) to skip and seeing how far I could throw a teabag.

There doesn’t seem to be one ounce of serious or meaningful content on the site but I probably spent the best part of 45 minutes exposing myself to Shreddies marketing material.

There are a few interesting things here.  The site seems to be all flash and is using videos and games to reinforce a marketing message.  It isn’t your usual website and it’s probably not the most directly applicable use of the web to our customer base.  I’m sure Nestle have a corporate website somewhere and I’m sure it’s just as boring as everyone else’s but here they have used non-standard content and grabbed my attention for an extra half an hour or so. 

What’s more, if I get into this teabag throwing game much more, I’m going to end up emailing it to my friends and then Shreddies marketing has gone viral.  It won’t be just me wasting a bit of my day playing some silly game and watching a video.  Someone will beat my score and they’ll feel the need to email me to let me know and then I’ll have to spend another half an hour to out do them.  We could be at this all day.


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