Keep Your Website up to Date

When we’re talking to potential customers there are a few themes that come up time and again.  It gives you small insights into some of the things that are going on with small businesses and their websites.  One of the things we come across, repeatedly, is companies or organisations with sites carrying small mistakes or out of date information.  In the backs of their minds, most of these companies know about these errors but without simple means to fix it themselves the problem continues.

It’s quite amazing how many of these companies feel they are sorted, as far as their website goes, and don’t need any help.  At least that’s there first inclination, until they truly begin to consider the things they would like their site to do for them, in an ideal world. 

In an ideal world, your site wouldn’t have those little spelling mistakes that you hardly ever read but make you look slightly less professional to every prospective customer who visits. 

In an ideal world, your site wouldn’t have last year’s material which still just about fits what you do but not quite.

In an ideal world, that out of date information would be replaced with up to date content so that new visitors don’t feel like your site stopped doing business in the middle of last year.

In an ideal world, your website would be one of the tools you use to reach out with your new ideas.   Those ideas that will set you apart from your competition and help you survive and prosper in these difficult times.  It wouldn’t tell the same old story.

In an ideal world, your website would be one of the first steps in developing a relationship with your customers that sets you apart and helps make that sale.

If only small business owners and managers were aware how real this ideal world is, there would be many less companies out there feeling they’re sorted and there would be many more sites delivering real business benefit at a time when it’s desperately needed.


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