And so the blog begins

Well.  Here goes with the launch of the new blog.  Still haven’t finished designing some of the bits and bobs we might add down the right hand side and I’m not even certain we’ve finalised the layout but we can get started on the important bit, the content.

One of the things we’ve noticed since running Sole Control Solutions is how often the value that gets added to sites doesn’t come from any aspect that we actually quoted for.  Don’t get me wrong, the things we quote for have value but often the difference between what we would do for you and what you would do yourself or what others might do for you, often these differences lie in very small things. 

These small changes are frequently not what people would think of as design but are simply applications of experience to small but important elements of a site.  Sole Control Solutions, as a company, is here to help small businesses run professional websites without having to become web professionals.  The vast bulk of business websites belong to companies that aren’t in the website business.  The tools we gather and install, the designs we create and the functionality we add are all there to turn websites from neglected second class brochures into meaningful communication tools adding real business value.

Some of the work we do is about improving the look of things, some of it is about improving the usability of things, some of it is about increasing visitor interaction with a site, much and most of it is about making it easy for our customers to control and develop their own sites without needing in depth technical knowledge.

There is another kind of knowledge that exists on the web though.  It isn’t technical, although the people that are interested in learning it almost always acquire some technical skills along the way.  It is a knowledge of what works and why and it often consists of very small things that can make a big difference and that aren’t always immediately clear if you haven’t come across them before.  These are the kinds of things we hope to discuss here.

By doing so we hope to:

  • Add value for our customers by creating a resource that can help them in the ongoing development of their sites. 
  • Allow potential customers to get a more complete picture of what we are about and what you are getting when you hire us.
  • Perhaps even exchange some ideas with others who have an interest in some of these same ideas.

For example, we could spend the next six months fiddling with the layout for this blog and looking at widgets for the side column and making sure that it is linked perfectly to our profiles on Facebook.  Web design is one of our services after all, surely this page should look perfect.  The problem is, that six months down the line we’d still have no content and without content we wouldn’t be adding value for our customers and we wouldn’t be giving any insight into what we do and we wouldn’t be engaging anyone.  

So I suppose that’s the first thing this blog has had to say.  Its first tip, if you like.  The look of things is important but your blog is there to engage people and its value comes primarily from its content.

The content of this blog is likely to range widely across all areas of operating a website and building it into a valuable resource for both visitors and the business it represents.

I guess we’ll see how it goes.


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