About Sole Control Solutions

Sole Control Solutions is about giving you the tools you need to control your own web presence and the support to ensure that you can use them.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Sole Control Solutions designs, hosts and supports, small business websites you can actually use.  We maintain a supported hosting environment allowing you complete control over the content of your website with no technical knowledge required.

The company has grown from the experience of one of our partners, in various organisations, with websites that were dependent on their original designer for even simple changes to content.  This dependence led to the organisations being prevented from using their website effectively to communicate and further business objectives.

As a result, Sole Control Solutions was formed to offer the tools needed to create and manage a professional web presence without technical knowledge.

Much more than web designers

While Sole Control Solutions is a web design company, we are much, much more than that.  We integrate a variety of tools and systems to give website owners a presence they can control and the support they need to make their websites effective communication tools.  While the core of this approach is content management, it also includes contact forms, list management systems, email marketing, bulletin boards and whatever else the customer needs to achieve their goals.

We can apply these tools to give you control over your existing  web site or we can design you a new one.  You can find out more about the tools we use and the services we provide here or contact us for more information.

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